BBQ Chicken Seasoning 60g  - Produced locally in Middle Sackville, this seasoning goes great with more than just Chicken. It is perfect with pork too. The molasses in the brown sugar brings a out the smokey qualities of the paprika. So versitile, it works well tossed with oil for root vegetables too. Note: If you mix 1/2 tsp with melted butter as a popcorn topping, your day will get better! Lol.


Donair Blend 60g - This is the quintessential Donair mix. Others have tried, but this is a truly great blend. In order to get the spices to permeate the meat and achieve the texture of a true Donair, you MUST follow the directions on the package. Your efforts will be rewarded! You can make a loaf or burgers. See attached recipe for homemade Donair Sauce. Produced locally in Middle Sackville, NS.


Steak Spice 60 g- Technically this is called "Steak Spice" but this seasoning is great on steak, chicken, fish, veggies, a great little shaker topping to poutine and so much more. The difference between this blend and Montreal Steak spice is that we blend a slightly different group of spices. Montreal spice has dill seeds and is much coarser. This blend is far more versitile and ground finer for ease of use. It has a little bite of spicy heat.. really, more of a nibble. We make this locally in Middle Sackville, NS.


Taco Seasoning 60g  - Have you been looking for a great Taco blend without fillers? You can use this with ground meats or even meat substitutes, or try it mixed into taco burgers! For an amazing snack, add 1/2 tsp to melted butter as a delicious popcorn topping. This is made locally in Middle Sackville, NS.


Spud Spice 65g - The name says it all, it is perfect for potatoes. If you add to oil when tossing the fresh cut potatoes, you can get some nicely seasoned fries/homefries, or potato patties. For a nice snack, you can add 1/2 tsp to melted butter for a very tasty popcorn topper. Made locally here in Middle Sackville, NS.


Ranch Dressing Mix (Dips & Salads) 55g - Do you love Ranch dressing but want to cut back on calories? This blend, when added to yogurt, makes a very tasty dip for veggies or bread. Add a little milk and it becomes a really great creamy dressing. If you miss the fat, add a bit of Mayonnaise. My favourite snack right now is 1/2 tsp of this blend added to melted butter and drizzled over popcorn. Genius! Made locally in Middle Sackville, NS.



Apple Pie Spice 55g

Cajun Spice 60g

Everything Bagel Topping 55g

Herbes de Provence 24g

Pizza / Pasta Spice 50g

Pumpkin Pie Spice 55g

Tidal Bay Seafood Seasoning 55g

New Pouch Spice Blends - Axe to Grind