Bay of Fundy Reclaimed Drift Wood

Diving Whale Driftwood Wall Art

10in x 3in


One day while having coffee in my son’s backyard, staring at his pile of driftwood, I said, “you should make a hat rack for me”. He said, “you should make a hat rack”, and the rest is history. I have been making hat racks for 3 years and selling them at the (live) Alderney Landing Market. 

When I found this little piece of wood that looked like a whale diving, I had to paint it and a piece of wood to mount it on.


It’s not my typical hat rack, like the others I have for sale on Sea To Shore at Alderney Landing On Line Market, but it could defiantly be used as a covid-19 mask holder, or a small reusable bag, by the door. The whale is glued on with wood glue, strong enough to hold your mask or small shopping bag.

Reclaimed Wood Diving Whale Driftwood Wall Art/ Hat Rack - Sea to Shore


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