She wanted more out of life. Will she find what she’s looking for?


Josie, a high spirited young woman from a small Nova Scotia fishing village, moves to the bustling wartime port of Halifax to find work; and escape the boredom and predictability of her birthplace. 

One night at a dance, Josie meets a British sailor and falls madly in love. They spend a magical twenty-four hours together before he ships out, promising to write as soon as he can. Weeks pass, then months, but no letter. She now has a decision to make. Should she listen to her head and forget about him? Or should she follow her heart and find her handsome Brit? 

One More Dance is a story about a young woman in search of meaning in a troubled time. In her search, she finds love, laughter, danger, and despair; but most of all she finds herself.

One More Dance (Novel) - Wayne Forster