Felt Covered Soap - One of a kind handmade felted soaps for your enjoyment. These soaps are perfect as a unique gift, or to use as a hand scrubby near the sink or bath.Our soaps are covered with felt wool and have antibacterial properties. The felt covering will make the soap last longer and easier to hold on to. The structure of the wool acts as an exfoliating natural fiber. To use, wet the soap and gently rub to start lather. After use, leave it to dry naturally. As you use the soap, the felt will shrink around the soap. 


Each of them is made by hand and is an eye catcher.❤ As such, each item will be unique and there could be variations in the colors and shape. Weight of one bar:  90 gr. (+ or - 5%)

Felted Soap - Houses on the moon - Magic of Wool