Supreme Cream (Large Size/56 grams by weight)  $25.30 (Includes HST)

Supreme Cream (Small Size/7 grams)  $4.60 (Includes HST)

The richest of all our creams, Supreme Cream contains a maximum amount of moisturizers, emollients, and essential oils in a creamy base. It absorbs slowly, penetrating deeply to moisturize and protect dry, irritated, or damaged skin. This makes an excellent night cream.  


Complexion Cream (Large Size/28 grams by weight)  $23..00 (Includes HST)

Complexion Cream (Small Size/7 grams)  $5.75 (Includes HST)

Ideal for mature or dry skin, the special blend of oils, butters, lavender essential oil, beta carotene, and aloe vera in our Complexion Cream smooths and protects. Your skin will be left nourished and ready for day or night.  


Face Cream (Large Size/40 grams by weight)  $18.40 (Includes HST)

Face Cream (Small Size/7 grams) $4.60 (Includes HST)

Our classic Face Cream is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, and forms a great base under makeup. Packed with nourishing butters and lavender essential oil, this is our go-to moisturizer for every day!  


Cypress & Pine Cream (Large Size/40 grams by weight)  $18.40 (Includes HST)


Cypress & Pine Cream (Small Size/7 grams) $4.60 (Includes HST)

Let the tranquility of the forest calm and protect your skin - face and body. Suitable for all skin types and filled with essential oils to create a refreshing, woodsy aroma, Cypress & Pine Skin Cream is an earthier take on our classic lavender creams.

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