Valentine's Day Pysanka 2 – Red and Pink Heart Fuzion


Hearts flow around this beautiful red egg inspired by Trypillian patterning. A fun unique Valentine's day gift for that 'egg-ceptional' person in your life. The designs of this pysanka were meticulously hand-drawn on a real chicken egg using traditional Ukrainian methods and no rulers or stencils were used at all. The name pysanka comes from the word pysaty, to write, as the beautiful designs are written on the egg with melted beeswax. The wax is applied with a kistka, a tool with a small funnel, which when heated, allows the melted wax to flow out in a line. After the pattern has been applied, the egg is submerged in a dye bath. The wax blocks out lines and areas on the egg which will not be dyed. Once dyed, the wax is melted off and the design is revealed!

Valentine's Day Pysanka 2 – Red/ Pink Heart Fusion- Myrosia Painting and Pysanky