Fresh and Local - Typically delivered within a few days of harvesting- Viking KB3 and Millenium Varieties


Oxford Asparagus Farm located at Black River ( near Oxford, Nova Scotia  was started in 1989. The original Viking KB3 cultivars were started from seed and are still producing today. Over the years the field was expanded to  almost 2 acres using seeds from the original plantation and adding the latest Millenium variety.


First sales were made at the Moncton Coop and the various farmers markets in Moncton, NB. Currently our asparagus is still sold through a distributor at the farmers markets there as well as at a specialty stores in Moncton and Sackville, NB.


For many years several Sobey's stores in Halifax Dartmouth were supplied. More recently the focus was changed to providing the high quality fresh asparagus to the Dartmouth and Halifax Seaport farmers markets.  There our customers looked forward to the spring arrival of the local " best asparagus"  from Oxford, NS.


Using best management growing practices and special care in preserving  freshness after harvest, we enjoy the repeat sales and positive comments from our customers.

Asparagus - Fresh and Local - 5 lb bag - Oxford Asparagus Farm