Asiago is my old cheese, the most appropriate name should be Monte Veronese, is the cheese we always made on the mountain (Monte Baldo) where I come from, I use the same recipe and technique I learned from my nonno Arturo Comencini and my zio (uncle) Giuseppe Rizzi,  is the same line we follow from generation trough my ancestors, It is a hard cheese almost like a Parmisan with a grass and flours flavor and more yellow for the spring-summer made and a deeper flavor and lighter color for the Autumn- Winter made.

It follows the fluctuations of the season, so if you expect always the same average, it is not the right one for you, it is like in the old days when the industry was not yet, every time you have a piece there is a surprise.

Very good to grate on Pasta, Lasagna, Soup, Salad, Polenta, also go very well on a cheese board.

Asiago (per piece) - Ciro's Roma Cheese