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Simple. Safe. Local!

The Alderney Landing Farmers' Market is a vital part of our community, bringing farmers, artists, and local businesses together with patrons from all over who want to support local. 

A big part of our mission is to take care of each other and our community.  At present, that means taking as many precautions as possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.  That is why we have the online version of the Alderney Landing Farmers' Market.  You can still buy local while respecting social distancing and staying the blazes home.

Peruse our vendor products on this website, purchase your items in just a few clicks.  All orders received by Thursday at 12:00 noon ADT can be picked up on Saturday, following the below schedule.  A delivery option is also available upon checkout. Any orders after Thursday at 12:00 noon will be added to the next week's list.

Saturday Pick-Up Schedule (by last name):

A-D:  8 am to 9 am

E-K:  9 am to 10 am

L-N:  10 am to 11 am

0-Z:  11 am to 12 pm

*If you have a scheduling conflict and need to request a different pick-up time slot, please contact us.


Delivery Available in the Following Areas:


Cole Harbour

Halifax (Peninsula)

Waverley Area

*Please note: Deliveries occur all day on Saturday (not within the Pick-Up windows).

A $3.00 credit card fee and a $3.00 market handling fee is added upon checkout.


When you arrive in the Alderney Landing parking lot, drive up to the pick-up booth and stay in your vehicle.  An attendant wearing a mask will take your name/ order number from a safe distance. They will retrieve your products and place them in the trunk of your vehicle. 

We collect your items from our vendors in a similar fashion, using safety equipment, avoiding personal contact and potential contamination. For information on our vendor's safety practices and preparation procedures, please see their websites or social media pages.

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